Sunday, June 10, 2012

RØSENKØPF tour diary: June 8-9 Seattle washington

Played two killer shows in Seattle. Friday was part of a monthly party thrown by our good friend T.J. Cowgill (A.K.A. King Dude). It's more of a dance party, so We were the only band on the bill but they had David J of fucking BAUHAUS DJing. I don't think I need to explain how much of an influence Bauhaus has been for me musically, so it was amazing to be able to play for him, and he even liked it. He had really nice things to say after the show and asked to exchange contacts with us, which is extremely flattering.
Saturday we played at this place called the Morgue with King dude and Deathraid. It was a pretty mixed bill which was cool. People seemed a little more into us at the Friday show, but it was good vibes all around and had an amazing time at both.
In a way, it sort of feels like the tour is only really even starting now. We've been out for over a week, but with that'll the days off for the fest and the long drives out of the desert, things are only starting to fall into place now. Those three days of ten hour drives, 2 of them without any shows, were really starting to take a toll on us mentally. Seattle was definitely what we needed to get things back in place. Most people don't seem to think much of Seattle, and I guess I can understand why, but it is really a very interesting place. Such a high density of shameless weirdos with no pretension or self consciousness, VR. A total contrast from NYC which is filled with wanna be weirdos, too self involved to care about anything unless they were told to by a blog.
The real hero of this seattle trip though, was T.J. Not sure how to describe T.J. Other than by calling him the name that he already goes by, King Dude. He is a total gentleman and sweet heart and he lifted our spirits with his genuinity after a brutal couple days of driving, in which things got a little tense in the van.
I apologize if this entry seems a bit sappy, but we are riding to portland on a wave of good vibes right now.

P.S. we will be playing with king dude in NYC on July 5th at glasslands gallery. Please come out and support, as king dude will be leaving for a euro tour afterwards.

Intense change of scenery from Arizona to Seattle

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