Wednesday, June 13, 2012

RØSENKØPF tour diary: June 12 Eureka California

Eureka was way more interesting than I think any of us expected. Having know clue about any bands or music coming from eureka, I contacted a friend of mine, mark bronzino, who has toured many times and been all over the states, to find out if he knew anything about what it was like here. He replied that in his professional opinion, the town was "mad crust". This would have been fine, we have actually played with a surprising amount of "crust" or "crust friendly" bands on this tour, but I was pleasantly surprised when we showed up to the venue and heard blaring synth noise, drum machines and screams, echoing out of the warehouse/gallery space. I was a little disappointed when I walked in and saw that it was just a kid in the corner of the room screaming into a microphone with all the music being backtracked on an iPod, but It still sounded good so I was psyched. Turns out this kids name was Schultz ( I'm not sure if that was his actual name or his "bands" name or both) and he was also in the second band, which was some type of improvisational grind band, which like his first band was just as interesting as it was rediculous to watch. Third band was two kids from arizona with two synths and too many pedals for their own good. They played ambient experimental mood music, as I will call it. We set up, played our set, yada yada yada, show was over, cool. I'm really just excited to be in California for the first time, but it didn't really hit me that I had finall made it to California until we woke up today and drive through the redwood Forrest and its amazing display of trees older an larger than I can fathom. Things like this are VR to someone who has grown up and lived in new York city their entire life. Similar to the effect of the grand canyon, it was purely amazing.
At this time I would like to take a moment to introduce you to our driver, Shane, A.K.A. fat feather. Shane is an old friend of Sairas and offered to pick us up in Texas with backline and drive us on our tour, and I don't think we could have found Anyone better. Shane is a musician himself, mainly playing in noise bands, and like most good noise dudes, he has an awesome knowledge of equipment and sound, which has made the shows on this tour go extremely smooth. Our equipment set up can be a little hectic and being able to have him act as sort of our own personal sound dude is amazing and way more than we had asked for from him. Shane also happens to work for the largest importer of Tibetan crystal singing bowls in the U.S. so his knowledge of eastern religions, medicine and spirituality is also pretty impressive. Other interests of his I have learned, are cock pumps and sticking objects up his urethra. His duality is great.

Photos of us in the red woods and our spiritual guide, fat feather

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