Monday, June 4, 2012

RØSENKØPF "Tour Diary" June 4

June 4
Leaving Austin Texas now on a ten hour drive to el paso. chaos in tejas was fun. An interesting but exhausting way to start the tour though so I'm glad to be on the road for more shows. The show at parish went well, unfortunately there was some drama after the Anasazi set, caused by chi breaking the disco ball with his microphone, sort of felt like an un intentional homage to WIERD night, where smashing the disco ball has become somewhat of a regular thing, but i guess things are different outside of thee wierd, and disco balls apparently are not made for the smashing. Not sure what to expect from el paso, I'm actually not sure what to expect from anything or anywhere because this is my first tour and my first time ever being to ANY of the cities were playing in.
Im using this long driving time to continue reading the journals of Carlos Casteneda, an anthropology student who became an apprentice to a peyote shaman and sorcerer. It is even more interesting reading these books now while we are driving so close to where they take place and being able to see the terrain that he describes so importantly first hand.
Now I learn the other side of life outside of the metropolitan area in all its bleakness and glory, VR...

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