Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rosenkopf tour diary: June 10-11 Portland Oregon

If we don't star playing some shitty shows, this blog is gonna start getting really boring. Fuck, Portland was awesome. Played 2 shows, first was at East End with atrocity exhibition, light house and deathcharge. The show was great, pretty mellow Sunday night but great none the less. Saira is originally from Portland so she has a ton of old friends there, it was nice to see a lot of people I'de met before through her as well as a lot of new people.
Saturday was the show I had been looking forward to the most, Lebenden totten, bellicose minds and Thrones. If your reading this blog and havnt heard these bands, then you are doing something wrong with your life. Not only was I excited about this show because all the bands are fucking amazing, but I felt like the mixture of genres Was, in a weird way, perfect. Not to sound cocky or anything but I sort of feel like if you mashed all three of those bands together, you might end up with rosenkopf, or at least I would like to think so. Every band obviously played amazing. It was Paige's last show with Lebenden totten so as a gift, they dumped bottles of glitter all over her. Naturally everybody in the room was covered in glitter by the time they finished and we ended up playing our set glowing green with sparkles.
As over hyped as Portland may be, it has continuously produced probably the largest output of amazing music over the past 30 years, so it was great to get to meet and play with some those bands, both older and newer. And as if we hadn't been blessed enough by the kindness of our Seattle host T.J. Cowgill, getting to stay with frank and Chanelle from Lebenden totten is always a pleasure. Their house feels like some sort of ancient Anarcho refuge, tucked away and hidden by bushes. Weird punk and Masonic relics decorate the whole place in a very honest way, different from most people with weird oddity collections who's houses seem to scream "I'm boring so I bought all this crap to make myself seem sophisticated". The best part is franks garage turned workplace/study. Going inside feels like your in some German war bunker where frank has been hiding, reading occult conspiracy books and doodling drawings of zombie punks, convinced that the bomb has dropped and waiting out the apocalypse. Maybe this fantasy isn't that far off from the truth...
On our way to eureka California to play a show that we have no predictions about. Sairas estranged father is coming to the show, which only adds to the unpredictability of tonight's show/vibe, but right now, Driving and listening to the apostles, everything seems to be in its place.

Photos (not sure what order they're in cus I'm posting this all from my phone): deathcharge, bellicose minds, Lebenden totten, thrones and franks pedals for insane noise making.

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