Tuesday, June 5, 2012

RØSENKØPF tour diary. June 5th El Paso

El Paso last night was pretty awesome. Played with 3 local bands, unknown threat, communion of thieves and resin cum, as well as negative standards from oakland. El paso seems to be a Very small scene mainly of Hispanic kids into grind, crust and black metal. Even though these are not normally something I'm into, it was very refreshing to play this totally humble show after being at chaos on tejas, which at times can feel like some type of battle of the bands. Only about 25 kids at the show but they were super psyched to have an out of town band playing.
Things got a little intriguing for me when we found out that the dude who had set up the show was a member of the now infamous black metal band NYOGTHAEBLISZ. You may recognize the name from the controversy that was caused over them being on the bill at chaos in tejas, due to their association with the label Satanic Skin head Productions and the labels use of nazi imagery. From what i understand, the end result was NYOGTHAEBLISZ being removed from the fest do to both the mob and antisect refusing to play if they were not taken off. I know I'm touching on some pretty sensitive topics here, but I guess I was so entrieged by the fact that he had set up a show for us because whether or not they are a white power band (he and pretty much everybody els at the show was maxican), according to him they are a band about hate for all the human race ,and we in a way, are the opposite. I find it very exciting to be able to play our music this crowd and have them be entrieged by it and enjoy it. To me that is more powerfull than protesting them, getting them kicked off of a show, or refusing to play with them. This is what i mean when i say things can no longer be black and white, they must be yin and yang.The show was completely filled with positive vibes. everybody was psyched to be there and very hospitable to us, I sensed no hate.
On another note (or maybe it's all related), Venus goes into transit today which means that it will be passing through our view of the sun. Not exactly sure what this means on an astrological level, but from what I understand it is of great significance.

P.S. big thanks to negative standards for giving us their share of the door money, it was highly appreciated.

Photo is of communion of thieves. Thanks to franky for letting us crash

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