Thursday, June 7, 2012

RØSENKØPF tour diary June 7. Arizona

Played at I.C.Y.C in phoenix two nights ago with napalm raid, deras krig, no statik, and Forward. The show was cool, I.C.Y.C is a huge D.I.Y warehouse space run by a friend of ours named Wes who used to live in NY. It's definitely the type of place I'm excited to play on tour due to the lack of its kind in NY. Despite the awesome lineup of 5 touring bands, the show was pretty mellow, which was fine with me because I was beat. I even started nodding off during forwards two GISM covers they did. Am I a disgrace to the corpse of Randy Uchida?? We ended up crashing at a dude named Jes' house who said that his band marsh stepper might actually be playing at WIERD night soon. Everything is connected.
We're now leaving the grand canyon, where we took a day/night off to explore and camp out. This desert has been one of the most fascinating and cryptic places I have ever been. Something about it feels more spiritually charged than even my trips to Jerusalem. Century old structures have their aw-factor, but this desert/canyon is pure earth. The little knowledge i have of this regions native religions defenitely adds to all of this. I think I am in love with a cacti. Also on a side note, this concept of "mountain time" is blowing my mind. It's almost as if the higher you go, time moves backwards?? Pretty amazing
We are heading to Salt lake city/ Boise Idaho but im Not really sure which one because our SLC show at raunch records has been cancelled, so we don't really know what our plan is. If nothing pops up for us to play today, our next show will be in Seattle. Taking two days off like this and covering so much distance is a little hard on the funds, but we will figure it out. See you soon, west coast.

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