Monday, July 25, 2011

ROSENKOPF montage from shows in boston, Maine and Rhode island

 the band in the beginning and end of the  video is out friends TABOO from Maine
Spin The Wheel from Mike Spyros on Vimeo.


  1. I'd kinda like to know more about the wheel with the symbols on it and the ritual activity going on in the woods with the rattle and all that

  2. i will try my best to explain. TABOO are our friends from Troy maine, they have created their own alphabet call the "lexicon" based on the RUNE alphabet, but they have changed symbols and meanings to be more relavent to their region. the wheel is a game they play twice a year (summer wheel and winter wheel) everyone gathers around the wheel and each person spins it. depending on the symbol and color that the wheel lands on you are given either a task, a reward or a punishment. the tasks were such things as climbing a tree, digging a hole to find bones, or wrestling an apponent. the rewards were mainly given in the form of halucinagenics or mead (homeade alchohol) and the punishments were things such as being forced to go into isolation in the woods or blood letting. we will be releasing an audio tape of the music performancers from that night, for the tape Crissy from TABOO is also going to write up an explanation of the summer wheel, he will ba able ot give a much more meaningfull explanation.

  3. That tape and explanation of the wheel are both something I'd be very interested in getting ahold of.

  4. I had the great opportunity to see TABOO & Rosenkopf In my hometown in Providence
    Rhode Island.
    Both bands were absolutely mind blowing,
    I hope to see both of them again someday